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Title: Too Late for Regrets
Pairing: Chanyeol/Baekhyun
Genre: Angst, Tragedy
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s):[click to open]stupid fic dump. really.
Summary: Businessman!Chanyeol and teacher!Baekhyun are a couple and Chanyeol always picks Baekhyun up at the bus stop exactly at five after work and Baekhyun will always wait for his boyfriend there. Except that this time around, Baekhyun will no longer be waiting for Chanyeol.
Author's Note: WIP which was supposed to be posted on Valentine's Day but someone named Syue was too lazy to do anything so she just ended up whining and crying over the feels of not completing any of her fics. ;_;

This is a fic where businessman!Chanyeol and teacher!Baekhyun are a couple and Chanyeol always picks Baekhyun up at the bus stop exactly at five after work and Baekhyun will always wait for his boyfriend there.

But one day, Baekhyun suddenly calls Chanyeol, telling him that he got an excuse to go back early because he got a surprise event for Chanyeol on that day. Chanyeol doesn't know why but he is actually annoyed when he hears that so he makes an excuse and tells Baekhyun to walk back to school and wait until five because it is still three and Chanyeol has some works to do. Baekhyun keeps convincing his boyfriend that he will not regret this and he can wait at his boyfriend's workplace but Chanyeol rejects the idea and asks Baekhyun to just stay at school. And that's when Chanyeol abruptly says that he has a meeting to attend and hangs up the call.

So, Baekhyun returns back to the same bus stop at five, messages and calls Chanyeol only to realize that Chanyeol has turned off his phone. He waits until it's almost seven but Chanyeol doesn't show up.

Later then, when the meeting ends, Chanyeol turns on his phone, and notices two unread messages and thirteen missed calls from Baekhyun, but he reasons that Baekhyun is just being impatient. So, he drives to the place where Baekhyun would always wait, and finds no one, not even a single person sitting there waiting on the bench. Chanyeol wants to drive to the school but then he suddenly receives a call from someone, and when he picks up, the caller tells him that Baekhyun is gone forever. He was caught in a car accident and the person who hit him ran away, leaving Baekhyun on the road, badly injured, blood all over the place, until someone came to save him. Someone said that Baekhyun seemed scared as if he was running away from someone before he got hit, and that the accident happened when Baekhyun was trying to cross the busy road.

Chanyeol feels the world around him spin because he doesn't believe in anything, especially the fact that his Baekhyun has gone. So, he opens his inbox, and finds two unread messages from Baekhyun. He reads them, and cries his heart out when he realizes that he is too late for everything.

From: Baek
Delivered: 6.00 p.m.
When will the meeting end? I can wait here until you pick me up if you want to.

From: Baek
Delivered: 6:45 p.m.
Yeol, I'm scared. Someone's staring at me for almost 10 minutes already. Please come here. I'm scared...


p/s: English isn't my forte so please excuse the grammar mistakes and lame plot ;;;

Tags: f: exo, g: angst, g: tragedy, l: drabble, p: chanyeol/baekhyun, r: pg-13
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